I recently listed a property that had been on the market with several agents before me. When I asked the seller what he liked about the property, he said,"The long driveway". He said he bought the home from the builder nine years earlier. He had the driveway extended and the house pushed back on the lot. Someday, he wanted to get a motor home.

Is the long driveway a feature or a flaw?

To the seller, it was a feature, since it would accommodate his dream of owning a motor home. To a buyer, it was a flaw since it pushed the house back, and created a tiny rear yard. To the homeowners association, it was irrelevant since the CC&R's forbid recreational vehicles being parked in the subdivision for protracted periods of time.

How does an agent tell a seller that their 'dream catcher' driveway, that costs thousands to build, may be a liability to a buyer? Very tactfully.

Some sellers may appreciate that direct approach. Other sellers may need to hear this from potential buyers, or showing agents. A Realtor caravan is another way to garner feedback that may help a seller realize that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'.

Does the seller have a sense of humor? "Wow, you could land a small plane on that driveway", might get the point across. As usual humor is a two edge sword that could be used against the truthful warrior.

This same home backs up to a vacant lot. To the seller it yields privacy. To a buyer, it represents a fear of the unknown. What's going on the lot and when, are questions most buyers will ask. Buyers have a tendency to 'horriblize' things. An ugly two story home, a nuclear power plant, are options some buyers may envision. 

Max Dupree said," The first job of a leader is to define reality". The listing agents job is to discuss what amenities are features, and what may be flaws.