There seems to be more talk than action when it comes to exceeding a customer's expectations. Super service seems to be as uncommon as the recent blood moon. But, there is a shining star in the customer service galaxy, and it belongs to the Chandler Chamber of Commerce.

I joined online one week ago. The same day I received a call to welcome me to the chamber. Barbara Caravella asked when she could come to my office and represent the benefits of being a member of the chamber. A few days later she promptly arrived and asked me what I hoped to gain by joining. She then reviewed their programs, and left a glossy folder with activities, some of which she suggested I attend. The next day, I received a thank you email.

In my opinion, this is what superlative customer service looks like. First, promptly recognize a new or potential customer. Second, set up a meeting and ask how you can be of service. Then, follow that meeting up with a thank you note.

What does poor service look like? Two weeks ago I received a card from a local Buick dealer offering several service specials. I called and made an appointment for an alignment. I showed up on time and was told it would take about 90 minutes. They said the car would be road tested first & given a safety check. A courtesy van dropped me off at my office.

Three hours later I called the dealer and left a voicemail for my service rep. Thirty minutes after that I left a voicemail for the service manager. I called the van driver to give me a ride back to the dealer. Nothing was done to my car.

What does poor service look like? It hides behind voicemails. It fails to follow through on promises. It's not proactive, but reactive. Guess where I'll never take my car again? Guess where I won't buy a car, ever!